October 08, 2021 1 min read

To keep a dream mane, it is important to maintain it properly! Discover all our tips for taking good care of your weaving.

Wash it carefully

Miami Hair Shop weavings are made with 100% natural Remy Hair : it is therefore advisable to wash them once a week. To do this, apply mild shampoo to your scalp and your lengths. Massage very delicately using small circular movements. Rinse thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water then apply your conditioner in the same way.

Tip: You can also apply a moisturizing mask to nourish your weaving in depth.


Dry it gently

It is essential to dry your weave well to avoid bad smells and itching. To do this, dab your mane with a terry towel, detangle it with a comb with large teeth (or with your fingers if knots resist) and let it air dry. If you are in a hurry you can also use a cold air hair dryer (held about ten centimeters from your head).

Tip: Is your scalp itchy? Apply a little coconut oil that you have mixed with a few drops of tea tree essential oil.


Brush it everyday

To keep a Brazilian weave in perfect condition, it is important to untangle it regularly. To do this, apply a little detangling spray on your lengths then brush them delicately by going up from the tips to the roots. You can also tie your hair in a large braid before going to sleep, this will prevent it from tangling during your sleep.

Tip: Don't go to bed with wet hair or beware of tangles the next day!