October 09, 2021 2 min read

Already adopted by the biggest stars, the lace wig has many advantages. Come on, we'll tell you everything.


-It does not damage the hair

Lalace wig is composed of natural hair placed on a tulle veil. It will therefore not exert pressure on the scalp and will protect your real hair which will be covered by the wig.


-It is undetectable

Thanks to its tulle support, the lace wig discreetly hugs your skull for the most discreet result. Unlike weavings, it also allows you to draw a line, which will accentuate the natural look.


 -It keeps for a long time

A front lace wig comes off every night and can be stored for up to two or three years if well cared for. To do this, remember to untangle it regularly and store it on its support, away from dust. A full lace wig is stuck on the head for up to eight weeks (it is then necessary to remove it in order to allow the scalp to breathe).


 -It allows you to change your head at will

Thanks to the lace wig, you can easily change your head without touching your natural hair. No more aggressive coloring, you can now test all the hair colors you dream of. You can also vary the textures with a wavy, curly or straight wig.


-It is easy to comb

Covering the entire head, the full lace wig allows you to achieve all the hairstyles you dream of: high and voluminous ponytail, extra large bun ... all fantasies are allowed!


-It is versatile

It is quite possible to play sports, to go to the beach or to the swimming pool with your full lace wig without risking that it does not come off (you just need to use waterproof glue).



So, what are you waiting for to adopt it?