October 22, 2021 1 min read

Our hair are specially designed as Crochet braids. They are already pre-styled for quick and easy installation.

What used to take hours or sometimes even days can now be done in half the time. In addition, the hair are ultra light, flexible and above all easy to apply and remove.

We have added 6 models of Crochet braids in different sizes and colors: Passion twist water wave, Passion twist, Afro kind curl, Butterfly locks, Bomb twits and Gypsy loss. The advantage is that you can reuse them multiple times.

Install our hair without damaging your natural hair with an authentic and trendy rendering will allow you to change your cut as you wish.

Count 5 to 7 packs depending on the desired volume.


 We will post a tutorial video with some installation and maintenance tips soon!